Thursday, May 24, 2012

Selflessness, Thoughtfulness, and Generosity

Selflessness, Thoughtfulness, and Generosity all will agree are nice, and good, for the recipient and are generally appreciated, and often graciously reciprocated. My nature is to do good unto others in a disinterested manner, however, when you see how much love I receive on twitter, and in my life in general for that matter, you glean that it might have something to do with the kindness and selfless caring that I show others.

I'm always thinking of how I can benefit people. So far, with regard to Twitter, my thoughts have yielded The Musketeers, my blog, "Don't Steal My Thunder", in which I teach tweeps how to retweet their twitter contacts in the most beneficial way, and this blog, intended to further help tweeps. I took great pains in composing, “Don’t Steal My Thunder”, to make clear all the advantages of retweeting by using Twitter's Retweet Link, instead of the old copy & paste method of retweeting. If you haven't read it but wish to be a selfless, thoughtful, and generous tweep, please do so as soon as possible; it will revolutionize how you retweet and start paying dividends immediately, as your grateful twitter contacts reciprocate your beneficial actions.

As part of teaching tweeps how to best retweet, I've been asked, "How do I comment on the tweet without copy and pasting?"; thankfully, I have an excellent answer to that question. It works like this. You retweet the tweet using the Twitter Retweet Link, which appears when you hover your mouse over the tweet. Having done so, you've placed the tweet in its exact original form, including the tweep’s picture/avatar and, of course, the entire tweet, not a cut-off version as when you use the copy and paste method. Your contact will appreciate his/her picture/avatar appearing in your timeline, as this will result in your followers being made aware of not only the tweet but also the originator's picture/avatar, which, in turn, will aid his/her being more readily remembered and recognized, and possibly to gain followers. You then reply to the tweet using the Twitter provided Reply Link, also visible when you hover your mouse over the tweet. You now have achieved a very self benefiting result; your timeline will read very logically because you have the tweet that you retweeted, with the originator's picture/avatar, followed by your reply and avatar on the next tweet; this adds variety to your timeline with all the different avatars of the tweeps you retweet and shows at a glance that you are a regular retweeter . Additionally, you have access to the entire 140 characters/spaces for your reply, less the characters/spaces taken up by the person that you are replying to's Twitter ID.

This is the tweet that I regularly post to guide tweeps regarding this aspect:     

2 DOUBLE help my friends, I always RT 1st w/the Twitter RT link 2 put their TWEET & PICTURE on my timeline, THEN I REPLY 2 their tweet. ~KPR

These are other tweets that help you to be a selfless, thoughtful, and generous tweep:

Pls remember dear friends, if u like a tweet enough 2 “favorite” it, take the time 2 Retweet it, also, 2 help the tweep who provided it.~KPR

If you haven’t, yet, please see my blog regarding the best and most beneficial way to RETWEET and why. :-)

I am very conscious to help my fellow followers gain more recognition by RETWEETING their tweets that I can stand behind. ~ KPR

The idea of retweeting is to share BOTH the tweet AND the author with your followers so that they may follow him if they like his tweets. ~ KPR

The POWER of the PROPER RETWEET: Using the RT LINK you share the TWEET you like, AND the TWEEP who posted it w/your followers! AWESOME!~KPR

One of the nicest things you can do when you appreciate and enjoy someone you follow is to RETWEET THEM to share them w/ur followers. ~ KPR

Remember to Retweet tweets that you like to your followers. It will help your favored tweeter gain followers and continue tweeting. ~ KPR

If you wish to GET MORE FOLLOWERS, RETWEET the people you follow and HOPEFULLY they will RETWEET YOU, TOO. I RETWEET VERY OFTEN. ~ KPR

The best way to retweet is by simply hovering over the tweet with your mouse and clicking on the “Retweet” link that appears. ~ KPR

When u retweet by using the Twitter Retweet link, u make ur timeline more interesting, help out the tweep, & gain their appreciation. ~ KPR


  1. Hey are you the same kelly that use to live in club alhambra and drive a blue buick riviera around 1977??